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Important IP Questions before Submission

Reading from your Website, I have a few important questions regarding the prize conditions:

"The winners will have the opportunity to work full time with the companies to complete the project, and all members of a team must agree to work on a contract basis for the first six months."

What do you mean by “to work on a contract basis”? Who would winning teams be contracted from? And for what / under what conditions?


"If this condition is met, then the team will be awarded 100% of their entitled prize. If this condition is not met, then the team will be awarded 10% of their respective entitled prize."

2. What happens to winning applications? Are they legally owned by the winning teams, or by HiRide & FaceDrive?

3. Will we still “own” our application if we decide to go for Option 2?

4. Would our application be incorporated in HiRide/FaceDrive portfolio if we go for Option 1?


Thanks in advance, I look forward to your reply,


  •   •   almost 2 years ago

    Alex, did you receive any answer regarding the questions from the organisers? I am especially concerned with the 3rd question, since we need to upload full source code.

  •   •   almost 2 years ago

    Hi, Piotr regarding question 3, HiRide and Facedrive would own the application with option 2.

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